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Título : Development of a spatial load forecasting module as support to decisión-making in the distribution planning phase / subtítulo.
Autor : Resl, Richard (dir)
Morales Jadan, Diego Xavier
Descriptores / Subjects : Sistemas de información
Fecha de Publicación : 2012
Ciudad: Editorial : Quito, 2012.
Cita Sugerida : Tesis (Master en Sistemas de Información Geográfica), Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Colegio de Posgrados; Quito, Ecuador, 2012.
Descripción : This thesis presents the development of a module that has the ability to calculate the spatial load forecasting in any area of study. First the electrical distribution system are defined with its components, additionally mentioned the importance of accurate of the location and growth of demand energy. After that describes the requirements necessary for a good spatial load forecasting, defined the methodology used in the calculation step by step. Land use is the key factor in the work done as it is considered outstanding, excluding areas of growth and are analyzed factors like close to the center and growth restriction. With these factors is possible calculate the reception index that is nothing more than the ability of each area to receive new population. Basically divides the study area into smaller areas, which are realized all calculus needed to estimate the growth of load, and then grouped each small area.
URI : http://repositorio.usfq.edu.ec/handle/23000/2072
Aparece en las colecciones: Tesis - Maestría en Sistemas de Información Geográfica

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