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Título : Plan de Negocios "Conjunto Habitacional La Quinta"
Autor : Castellanos E., Xavier (dir)
Córdova Ballesteros, Luis Felipe
Palabras clave : Comercio Inmobiliario
Edificios - Construcción - Ecuador
Industria de la Construcción
Fecha de publicación : sep-2008
Editorial : Quito: USFQ, 2008
Citación : Tesis (Master en Dirección de Empresas Constructoras e Inmobiliarias. M.D.I.), Universidad San Francisco de Quito y Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Colegio de Postgrados; Quito, Ecuador, septiembre de 2008
Descripción : The present business plan develops the viability of the residence project LA QUINTA. The construction field has grown in a firm way. Thanks to decisive varied and complex factors but linked with the money change between sucre and dollar, its stability that develops the market, lengthens the terms and it energizes the offer of hypothecary credits. The competition improves the quality of the constructions it is also spoken of returns between 12% and 20% annual depending on the project type. In general terms the construction is an attractive business for the investor, provided it is well structured and managed. Markets exist even disregarded with residence chronic deficit that are the segments of smaller purchasing power. Leaving of the idea that to "have house is not a lot of wealth, but not to have it is a lot of poverty" it becomes necessary to find valid solutions to medium and I release term, Taking into account the political uncertainty that questions the possibilities to maintain the rhythm of growth of the sector. In spite of the existent difficulties it becomes necessary to continue ahead in the real estate development of the clear country this compensating the risk with profitability, for that which becomes necessary to carry out analysis in each phase of the project with the purpose of to maximize profitability and to minimize risks to arrive to an efficiency that allows us to be competitive.
URI : http://repositorio.usfq.edu.ec/23000/124
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