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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2018A 23-year-old man with an intra-abdominal desmoid tumor : an interactive review / Miguel Francisco Andrade Egues ; [profesor, Harry F. Dorn Arias].Dorn Arias, Harry F., director; Andrade Egües, Miguel Francisco
2020A BordoBrauer, Teresa, director; Peña Ochoa, José Javier
2020A brief study of the influence of water content profile on compacted structuresVillacreces, Juan Pablo, director; Poveda Sotomayor, Luis Felipe
2020A comparison between shear modulus degradation curvesVillacreses, Juan Pablo, director; López Yépez, Luicía Soledad
2015-12A conscious and sustainable therapeutic community for substance abuseEmbree, Sonja (dir); Flores Martínez, Sara Paola
2014A geographic conceptual and logical data model for project monitoring and control based on PMI project management standards Caminosca S.A. CaseResl, Richard (dir); Rueda Salazar, Wilson Gustavo
2018A geometry-based algorithm for cloning real grains 2.0Jerves, Alex X., director; Medina Alvarez, David Alberto
2022A hybrid method for characters recognition using ant colony feature selection, KNN, and reductsPérez Pérez, Noel, director; Ibarra-Fiallo, Julio, director; Cola Pilicita, Cristhian Iván
2019A la derivaArano, Javier, dir.; Fernández Dávalos, Emilia Alejandra
2016-04"A latitud 0" menú ecuatorianoIanotti, Claudio (dir); Cevallos Villacreses, Juan Esteban
2016-05A low complexity algorithm to control a robotic arm using the emotiv EPOC headsetBenítez, Diego (dir); Aguiar Del Pozo, Santiago Andrés; Yánez Parreño, Wilson Jonathan
2020A low-cost embedded vehicle counting and classification system basedBenitez, Diego, director; Navarro Pabón, Josué Fernando
2020A monetary model for a fully dollarized economyRomero, Pedro, director; Sandoval Vinelli, Santiago Gonzalo
2016-05A multi-level analysis of Ecuador’s foreign policyTrownsell, Tamara (dir); Valdivieso Muñoz, Michael Andrés
2021A New approach for optimal Selection of features for classification based on rough Sets, evolution and neural networks application to Handwritten DigitsIbarra, Julio, director; Torres Constante, Eddy Alejandro
2020A new method to compute Hecke eigenvalues for Classical Modular FormsRyan, Nathan C., director; Coloma Carphio, Nicolás
2021A new number recognition approach using typical testors, genetic algorithms and neural networksPérez, Noel, director; Torres Constante, Eddy Alejandro
2021A new species of small-headed fly (Acroceridae, Panopinae) from EcuadorRamón Cabrera, Giovani Marcelo, director; Tadashima Rivera, Akihito Gabriel
2010A prefeasibility study of a 100 MW ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) hybrid cycle plant in South East Queensland, AustraliaCórdova, Ximena (dir); Martin, Paul
2019A preliminary view of the biogeography, phylogeography and ecology of freshwater shrimps (Atyidae) from Isla San Cristóbal, Galápagos ArchipelagoEncalada, Andrea, director; Suárez Guerrón, Alejandra Abigail